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N E W !

I linked all of the chapters in Section I onto the corresponding page at the top AND now you can easily shuffle through chapters with the "Bookmark" feature on the right. It is arranged by Section then by Chapter. So, all the previous material thus far has been in Section I.  This will make it a little easier to navigate the blog. Also, I have polished the older posts and, most importantly, I have introduced a new character. So my dearest readers, please go back and read "Against Medical Advise" to meet Jacob Geist (dun dun dunnnnn!).

P.S. New Section beginning.



The following is a raw short story in serial format. I am trying my best to update it every Friday. From time to time, I will also edit past chapters as I see fit (especially grammatical elements). However, I won't alter the storyline itself, that I can promise. Any ideas, questions, or criticism is welcome and encouraged:

I hope you enjoy!

You can also see some of my other work here:

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